Effective Site Safety
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Is there a code of practice to which safety fences must comply?
Yes there is. It is written by the NZTA and is known as CoPTTM  (The Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management). It sets out the minimum requirement for signage and safety fencing for work on all New Zealand roads.

Does this code also apply on local government roads?
Yes it does. The code is the minimum requirement for ALL New Zealand roads and not just state highways.

Is d_Fence, CoPTTM compliant?
D_Fence was designed to comply 100% with CoPTTM. Its length, height and minimum specifications comply entirely with the written code. The colours of the fence and reflective film have been developed in line with those required in the code.

Is there a standard colour for safety fence panels ?
Yes there is. It is stipulated in CoPTTM

Can d_Fence be used as a delineator as well as a safety fence ?
The NZTA is currently reviewing this situation but information received at the safety fence conference held in Rotorua in 2013 is that the NZTA will approve fences such as d_Fence with the minimum width of safety cone.

Can d_Frence be used as safety fence and a barricade ?
D_Fence can be used as both a safety fence and a barricade

Are replacement parts easily obtained ?
We have replacement feet and clips in stock

What is the minimum order volume ?
There is no minimum order volume for standard fence panels

Can I have my name embossed into the fence panel ?
The answer is yes you can. There are two places you can have a phone number or company name placed onto your panels. One is on the base of the panel and the other on the header board.

What is the minimum order volume for d_Fence with an embossed logo ?
The minimum order volume for d_Fence with an embossed logo is 100 units

Once a logo plate has been manufactured is there a cost involved on furure orders to have the logo embossed onto the fence panel ?
Once the plate has been manufactured for the first order there is no payment for the logo to be placed on future orders although the minimum order volume still applies

What is the lead time for delivery of d_Fence ?
This varies depending on stock volumes, order volumes and whether a logo is required, so please contact us and we will advise current lead times

What is d_Fence manufactured from ?
D_Fence is manufactured from virgin High Density Polyethylene.  This creates a non-brittle durable product.

Are any recycled products included in the making of d_Fence ?
Currently there are no recycled products incorporated in d_Fence however, we continue to review possibilities of using recycled materials as they arise

What is the life time use of d_Fence ?
10 Years or greater

Is d_fence available everywhere in New Zealand ?
D-Fence is manufactured in Hamilton and can be freighted to any town in New Zealand

Where is d_Fence manufactured ?
Hamilton, New Zealand