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Custom Branding

We offer custom branded plastic safety fences and crowd barricades. This branding can be used to both identify your fence panels and to market your services by way of a phone number or web site address. As the branding is embossed into the plastic, it cannot be scratched out.

Custom branding options include:

  • Moulded-in engraving at manufacture (minimum run quantities apply).
  • In mould branding can be placed either on the lower edge of the fence panel, along the full bottom or along the header-board.
  • The moulding can include your logo, company name, website address or phone number.
  • An initial cost is involved to have the plate engraved however, for any future orders the same embossed logo will be supplied free. (minimum order quantities apply).
  • Custom branding ensures your fence panels have your company name embedded so you know they are yours where ever they turn up.

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