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CoPTTM Conference in Rotorua

In August of 2013 the NZTA held its first CoPTTM conference. Held in Rotorua the conference was attended by Design Engineers, Managers and STMS from around the country.

One of the sessions at the conference was taken by Stuart Fraser of the NZTA where he covered the desire of the NZTA to simplify the use of barriers, safety fences and delineators. The easiest way to do this, Stuart said, was to combine safety fences, barricades and delineators into one product  Combining the products would reduce the need to place cones 1.0m out from the safety fence when placed near or on a road thereby increasing the carriageway width of a work site. It would also reduce the confusion on when a barricade was required rather than a safety fence.

As part of his presentation, Stuart Fraser showed the above drawing, mentioning that any person could see what he was talking about in the trade display arena. This was where DFence was being shown. One look at the drawing immediately shows the complete compliance of DFence with the direction the NZTA is moving.