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DFence was designed to comply 100% with CoPTTM. It’s length, height and minimum specifications comply entirely with the written code. The colours of the fence and reflective film have been developed in line with those required in the code. They are easy to handle in one piece
and has clips top and bottom to attach several together, along with strong feet which can be pegged to the ground for added stability. These
can also be handled by one person setting up.

There is a minimum order of one for our DFence units.

The answer is yes you can. We now offer customisable name plates! One is on the base of the panel.
Your name and logo can be embossed onto a coloured nameplate, which can be attached to the DFence for ease of identification.
RFID solutions have been designed for further traceability and stock control.
You can also have reflective tape added to the top panel and/or cone tape added to the uprights.

DFence is manufactured from Virgin High Density Polyethylene. This creates a non-brittle durable product. It contains an additive to protect both
the colour and the resin from the strong UV rays in New Zealand. It also means it can up handled by 1 person setting up.

The DFence is primary used as both a safety fence and barricade. It can also be used for crowd control at events, safety barriers in factories, warehouses
and even place such as childcare centres to keep people out of unsafe area.

This varies depending on stock volumes, order volumes and whether a logo is required, so please contact us and we will advise current lead times.
Yes. We have replacement feet and clips in stock.
Yes, the feet can be adjusted and swiveled up to 180 degrees and a concrete shoe can be added to gain extra weight. The feet have ‘peg holes’ in them, so can be bolted down on a hard surface for greater security.

Standard DFence is 2 metres long by 1.2 tall and 80mm wide.. These can stack and will not crush in transportation and/or storage.

Folding DFence is 2.1 x 1 metre so will fit around 1 metre hole. These will fit inside a standard ‘ute’ for transporting.

DFence fences can be transported using ‘Ute’s.